Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Here I am again, I can't sleep. Strange thoughts have been going through my head; I have a strange desire to find out about people that I know longer associate with. Although the desire is not so strange because I've had a couple of dreams about them, in Walmart of all places, I guess you could say it's a recurring dream even though it's not exactly the same. But I wonder why my subconscious has been feeling the need to think about them. And now after these dreams, I want to sate my curiosity.
Sometimes I wonder how things might be if a had made different decisions in my past, but I am happy, so it's not like I wonder if I could be happier now, just where would I be?

I received my yarn for "Hat Attack!" and am waiting for my needles to arrive. I've been spending so much money lately, on knitting, and jewelry supplies, it makes me wonder when I'll actually save my paycheck so that I can actually pay off my credit card. I've already decided that I can't "pimp my bed" until after I pay it off. It's silly to spend money when I need to take care of other important things first.

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